AI agent that provides support to your customers autonomously or assisted by your team.

Neuraan's AI instantly learns from interactions, documents, and websites to provide automatic support with a human touch. In complex situations, it collaborates directly with your support team to ensure the best experience for your customers.

Trusted by leading and innovative companies

Handle more cases, faster

Increase the number of cases an agent can handle by 7x while reducing their workload¹.

Optimize operational costs

Reduce the required investment by 3x…²

Get happier customers, 24/7

Add an agent with absolute knowledge and no time limitations.

Why use Neuraan?

The omnichannel AI solution
for Support—and Customer Service Teams

Natural conversations

Neuraan's AI learns from your agents. Their responses will teach it to maintain successful conversations.

In your brand's voice

Neuraan's AI interprets your brand's voice and personality to communicate as your best agent would.

Multi-language COMING SOON

Neuraan's AI interacts in the language your customers choose. It speaks Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, and 40 more languages.

Automated knowledge base

Neuraan's AI requires no training or setup. It automatically organizes and classifies information, whether it comes from documents or a website.

Immediate and progressive learning

Neuraan's AI is constantly learning. Each case and conversation extends its knowledge and improves its understanding of any topic.

Created by specialists, controlled by your team

Neuraan's AI can operate autonomously or under the supervision of your agents. You decide how to operate. The Supervised and Semi-supervised modes allow granular control of the AI.


The fastest connection to AI.

Integrate Neuraan with the services you already use. Our omnichannel solution allows you to consolidate all conversations in one place.

Available today

Assistaan WhatsApp IntegrationAssistaan Messenger IntegrationAssistaan Instagram IntegrationAssistaan Web IntegrationAssistaan API Integration

Coming soon

Assistaan Threads IntegrationAssistaan Hubspot IntegrationAssistaan Zendesk IntegrationAssistaan Salesforce IntegrationAssistaan Freshworks IntegrationAssistaan Email Integration

Other integrations

For special integrations, write to us at

Empower your team with AI.

Transform your agents' and customers' experience with the best Artificial Intelligence complement for Support and Customer Service.

Base price
Additional conversation
Additional bot
Additional agent
Email support
Phone support
End-to-end encryption
8 hr
8 hr
24/7, 365
9 – 18 hr
Meta Apps, Web chat
+ Customizations

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use your own models or the OpenAI API?

Do I retain the privacy of my data as well as the intellectual property of my information when using Neuraan's solution?

How long does it take Neuraan's AI to learn to respond?

Can Neuraan respond without a connected agent?

How many languages does Neuraan support?

Can you perform custom integrations?

Do you offer custom SLAs?


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Creemos que para lograrlo es necesario crear tecnología que permita el desarrollo de ecosistemas y soluciones que se sientan naturales y sean accesibles_

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